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Me llamo Mirjam.
Soy espaņola-colombiana pero vivo en Suiza.
ich heisse Mirjam.
ich bin spanisch-kolumbianisch aber wohne in der schweiz
My name's mirjam.
I'm spanish-columbian but i live in switzerland.

:bulletgreen:i like::bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Animes!! (shonen)
:bulletgreen: Sherlock Holmes & Detective Conan. csi related series :3 :sherlock:
:bulletgreen: languages (i'm learning 5)
:bulletgreen: Art :gallery:
:bulletgreen: Movies (except horror)
:bulletgreen: Stories & tales :library:
:bulletgreen: Spain & Colombia
STOOOOLEN from :icontutuna99:
My friend and I were really bored so i decided to list my favorite things about my 3 all-time favorite animes; Naruto, Gintama and One Piece

Favourite Females:
- NARUTO: Tsunade, Hinata, Ino - GINTAMA: Kagura, Tsukuyo, Nobume - OP: Monet, Makino,
Favourite Males: - NARUTO: Kiba, Neji, Shino - GINTAMA: Okita, Gintoki, Kamui - OP: Sanji, Law, Luffy
Least Favourite Characters: - NARUTO: Karin, Suigetsu, Madara - GINTAMA: Sa-Chan - OP: Ussop, Nami, Buggy, Brook
Prettiest Characters: - NARUTO: young Tsunade, young Ino - GINTAMA: Kagura, Hinowa - OP: young Hancock
Character I resemble personally: - NARUTO: maybe kurenai, or Rin i just noticed that i'm not that interesting :iconsleepyplz: - GINTAMA: i can probably be as annoying as Zura and as bored as Abuto at times - OP: Makino? kids seem to like me
Character I resemble optically: - NARUTO: Tenten, Rin - GINTAMA: Tae - OP: my body proportions are actually human
Best Villain: - NARUTO: Itachi, Deidara - GINTAMA: Kamui, Takasugi - OP: Mihawk, Monet
Character I'd like as my BFF: - NARUTO: Kiba - GINTAMA: Kagura, Zura - OP: Luffy
Character I'd like to see/know more of: - NARUTO: Team 8, Tsume, Kurenai, Iruka - GINTAMA: Kamui, Kagura, Umi Bozu - OP: Rayleigh
Female Character I'd Marry: - NARUTO: Tenten or Tsunade - GINTAMA: Hinowa, Tsukuyo - OP: Makino ?
Male Character I'd Marry: - NARUTO: Kiba - GINTAMA: Banzai - OP: Shanks (just regarding their personality)
OTPs: - NARUTO: Naru or Neji or SasuHina, - GINTAMA: OkiKagu, GinTsu - OP: LuNa, ZoSan, ShanksMakino
NOTPs: - NARUTO: SasuKarin - GINTAMA: GinTae, OkiNobu - OP: ZoNa, SaNa
Critizism: NARUTO: if comparing begining to current events, it lost almost all of its comedy what isn't that bad since it got replaced by more mature elements. Naruto is dramatic but it doesn't seem that forced. For people as me who are not that interested in the story about the senjus and the uchihas it could seem a little uninteresting at times. Some characters could have been explored or developed much more instead of just keep throwing new characters at us. ESPECIALLY the rookies. they were the reason i started liking Naruto in the first place. Tenten or Shino show little to no development at all which is extremely sad as they could be perfect to build upon. We have clans that control minds, bodies, shows features of dogs, are filled with insects or lack geijutsu/ninjutsu only to develop an exceptional talent at taijutsu. Why doesn't Kishimoto explore them more? Arcs with the teams 8,10 & gai seem almost forced, they could be so much more useful, Sai and Yamato weren't really necessary. Wouldn't you have liked one of them to replace Sasuke and Kakashi? As of that, why didn't a few of Konoha team up with Sasuke? Kishimoto doesn't seem to have that much use for them anymore. They didn't help Naruto emotionally as much as they could have. Shikamaru and Kiba have the potential to become his best friends. they don't. Although they care about him more than Sasuke (i guess?) and don't get me started about his relationship to hinata i wouldn't have enough space in this journal.
summed up. i have never built so much of an emotional connection to another anime ever. Naruto is the closest i ever got to feel with the characters and (next to Angel Beats!) actually cry for them. I love Naruto i will follow it until the end. It has flaws you can't oversee but the stuff that's made good, is made extremely good.
GINTAMA: 'This is so exaggerated' was what my friend said at the scene where a still moving car exploded after okita had cut it in half. But this is the reason Gintama is so amazing to me. I need rushed action (who likes those OP, Naruto, Dragonball fights that last 20 episodes i DONT) which only appear every once in a while and not through all its 270 episodes. I like to split the rest, the comedy part, in 2 parts. The 4th wall humor and the dirty humor. And i feel very uncomfortable by the latter. I don't enjoy slapstick humor and bathroom jokes at all and feel almost embarassed by it and sadly, that humor takes over most of the series and 1-episode arcs. Adn the 4th wall humor? I don't only like it, I love it. Which other anime makes an arc about the results of popularity polls? presented by the main cast? or an arc just to spoof the timeskips we see in all other animes? Speaking of the characters, they are all completely crazy. which isn't a bad thing as all of them are a lot of fun to watch, but comparable normal people as Shimpachi go under by so much madness. However i can foresee that what Gintama is building up to, the showdown with Kamui and Takasugi will blow me away. i never enjoyed fighting scenes as much as i do in gintama although i wanted to see and know more of the Yatos. I don't like seing that humans like Gintoki still can fight with 4 blades pierced through their bodies and having lost half of his blood. That's too over the top. But that keeps the tension, it makes up for the lack of blood in OP or Fairy Tail.
However i'm looking forward to getting to see more of the yatos and anything alse and don't know if i want to see the ending, or just not yet.
OP: of my 3 favourites, OP would be the one i like the least. exept from mihawk i never had to doubt about on whose side to be on in a fight; the crew and or its allies of course. its like there only are villains to make the crew stronger. (i'm speaking of buggy, lucci, don creek idk all of them) don't get me wrong i love the fights. The monster trio have very new and interesting fighting stiles, i like that. However the by fans so admired relationship between the crew is a bit of a disappoiting to me. little to no excitement at the reunion and if you had to describe theis relationship to each other in one word it would be loyalty. Nothing deeper. Everyone would die for the other but, why? Robin sinks constantly into her own world as do ussop and franky and sanji ALL OF THEM. When do they really spend time with each other? or emotionally help each other? and Nami seems always annoyed by anyone. she hits men 10 times stronger than herself while she would be lost without Ussop's inventions. I wouldn't mind if there were nakamas that didn't fight, Nami is pretty good and useful a navigator. she is smart (and does have character getting a bit into the wrong direction, though) but we don't get to see it anymore. she is just turning more and more into the sexual fanservice of the show. Just like all the other OP women that come to my mind which is not only a giant flaw but also slightly insulting. i'm not criticizing the story in which any changing could alter important stuff, this could be changed in no time but idk. The characters as a whole doesn't seem deep to me. yes, robins past changed her but only into a quiet, boring character. what about the others? why are they so untouched by their past? why isn't the reason sanji smokes to kill the feeling of hunger, which he dispises and has nighmares about since his childhood? he could suffer of lack of sleep of just something deep please! why is all we get of sanji (instead of fighting) just him nosebleeding to death? What about Franky? Can't there be a good reason he joined? i want more interaction between the crew. real interaction. god.
Well, however (omg how long is this journal) i love my favourite animes and probably will still love them for a long time
How I got into it: - NARUTO: as a child, all of my male friends played ninja and so did I. i really git into it after Nejis death - GINTAMA: it was recommended to me in july of 2012 and watched it in december of 2012 - OP: since late 2011
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